How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

How to Get Free SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website

Today we’re progressing to see how you’ll get a free SSL for your wordpress website

Now if you attend your website and you see this not secure message on your browser It means you are doing not have SSL Now if you would like to alter this message into the secure lock symbol you would like to induce an SSL for your website So this can make your visitors to trust your website

So let’s start We’re getting to get a free SSL in only five steps

the primary step is to ‘Create an account on a web site called cloudflare’ So this is often an internet site which goes to provide us the free SSL So to make the account let’s visit

then click sign in Now enter your email And password and click on create account Okay so now our account is made Next let’s move to step two Which is to ‘Add your website to the present account’ So just enter your website name then click add site Then click Next Now select the free plan and click on confirm

Then scroll down and click on continue Okay so now our website has been added to cloudflare So next let’s attend step three Which is to ‘Change your nameservers’ So we’d like to add these nameservers To your domain So to add these nameservers you would like to first login to your domain provider’s website So to seek out out your domain provider

Just click here And you’ll see that our domain is provided by godaddy So to feature these nameservers First let’s login to godaddy So we’ll open a replacement window then attend Now click check in then check in into your account So here you’ll see that we’ve an equivalent domain which we added to cloudflare Now to vary the nameservers of this domain Just click DNS then scroll right down to nameservers and click on change Now click here and choose custom And now here you would like to enter the small print which is provided in cloudflare So let’s go there then copy the primary value And paste it here Then copy this one And paste it Now click save So now we’ve successfully added the nameservers

To our domain So let’s return to cloudflare then click continue Now to see if the nameservers are changed Let’s click recheck now And you’ll get this message And now if we click refresh you ought to see this green icon which suggests your nameservers are changed Now even though you do not see this green icon immediately you’ll still attend the next step And everything will work on the top of this video So once you’ve got added your nameservers

you’ll now move to step four Which is to put in the cloudflare plugin in wordpress So to put in the plugin let’s attend WordPress then attend plugins and click on add new Now look for flexible SSL And you’ll get this plugin Now let’s install this plugin by clicking here And activate So now we’ve installed the cloudflare plugin in wordpress So once you’ve got installed the plugin we will now attend the ultimate step Which is to ‘Enable SSL in cloudflare’ So let’s return to cloudflare then click this lock icon Now scroll right down to Always Use HTTPS and switch it on Now as soon as you switch this on Your website will now be secured with SSL So let’s check it Now if you attend your site you’ll see that before we had this not secure message But now if we click refresh you’ll see that we now have the lock and therefore the HTTPS which suggests we’ve now got the SSL So now if you click here you’ll see that our browser says The connection is secure Now if your site didn’t load properly Just look forward to a couple of minutes then load it from a special device it’ll work after a couple of minutes Okay guys so this is often how you’ll get a free SSL for your wordpress website

I thinks in order that this text is useful to you to induce a Free SSL certificate for your WordPress Website. Please leave a comment to allow us to know if it worked for you.

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